about us

Lifegist is a conscious clothing brand born in Madrid in 2013, formed by a team of three dynamic and versatile people, led by Mayte Garcia, who at one point in her life she felt she had to take this path. Lifegist is also considered an ecofashion brand since it uses 100% organic fabrics and sustainable production methods.

We are professionals with experience in the textiles and fashion business, but also eager to continue to learn and evolve, with high hopes in our project because we believe in it in a very profound way.

We like fashion, we like design, we take care of details and are committed to create unique clothes based in sustainability and ecofashion. What you see in Lifegist is a reflection of who you are it is another way of expressing the world you want.
Our greatest pride is to be a sustainable fashion brand with high values in quality and creativity.

We are not only sustainable, but we combine both contemporary fashion with high levels of design. We believe that the fashion world needs to make changes to stop being harmful for the planet and for many people, we know there are ways to make this change a reality and we are committed to make them through: social responsibility , ecological materials or processes not low polluting , put love into what you do , work to create a common good …

The world of sustainability is evolving and increasingly is partnering with a new concept of luxury: the product is meant to be not only beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside.
This is the big difference and that’s what we want to offer conscious clo, but are the result of a chain of events that make them special .

This is Lifegist